The New 2020 Contact Lens Rule

Contact Lens Prescriptions


New FTC rules require that a patient must be given a copy of their contact lens prescription following a successful contact lens fitting or annual contact lens evaluation.  In addition to receiving a copy of the written prescription, the patient must sign a verification form indicating that they have received their copy.

The spirit of this new regulation is to make sure that patients can easily shop other alternatives for purchasing their contact lenses. The majority of our patients have historically chosen to purchase their annual supplies of contact lenses from our office because of the cost and convenience. There is a perception, due to aggressive advertising from outside suppliers, that purchasing contact lenses online, or from big-box retailers, is always the cheaper alternative. This is just not the case in our office.  We have a very busy contact lens practice that affords us very close relationships with the major contact lens manufacturers. Due to our high volume of sales, we have secured very competitive pricing and significant rebates that result in lower net costs than even the large online retailers offer on many types of lenses. We stock several popular brands, and offer free shipping to homes or businesses, for added convenience.  We strongly recommend checking with us for current prices, availability and opportunities for discounts before making this important purchase.

Dr. Edward L. Scarbrough Dr. Scarbrough has loved practicing in Traverse City for over 30 years. He is native of Benzie County and received his Doctor of Optometry degree from Indiana University. In his spare time, Dr. Ed enjoys pickleball, cycling, golfing and making maple syrup.

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