Gary Wertz

Optician located in Traverse City, MI & Beulah, MI

Meet Dr. Wertz

Gary Wertz is a talented optician at Scarbrough Family Eyecare in Beulah and Traverse City, Michigan. Since 1972, he has created quality glasses for patients of all ages. He helps patients select frames that speak to their personalities and repairs broken glasses to their original state.

At Scarbrough Family Eyecare, Gary frequently spends his time creating custom lenses to correct patients’ vision and help them see the world clearly. He has a friendly and approachable personality and often helps with customer service around the office.

He gives advice about the fit and style of glasses to best match each customer’s personality and lifestyle. He also advises customers on how to care for their glasses to get the most out of them and avoid breaks and other issues.

Gary is a native of Wisconsin and a self-proclaimed “cheesehead.” He has lived in Traverse City, Michigan, for the past 40 years and enjoys taking advantage of the many gorgeous golf courses in the area in his spare time. He also loves spending time with his wife, Gail, and their cats.